Christine Chao
Interaction Designer & Developer

Circa News Web is the homepage for Circa News. I worked with our CEO to not only redesigned the permalink for our stories, but created a new front page where our readers can access to daily briefings, their updates, and all the stories in one place.

Circa News App

Circa News enables readers to more easily consume the day’s news by delivering atomized stories. Users can also follow stories that they're interested in and get updates as stories develops. I worked on everything design in Circa. is a design studio by Creative Director George McCalman. George designed the site and commissioned me to built a custom Wordpress site.


PicPic explores a different way to browse photo albums. It's a personal project that I did from design to development. I'm working on improving load time and performance, v.2 coming soon!

Diego & Christine

My husband and I made this site for our wedding. I designed the site and he developed it.


Various illustrations I did for fun.

Zero Dark Thirty

This is the official movie site for Zero Dark Thirty. I did all the motion design pieces from section to section.

The Adventures of Tintin

The Adventure of Tintin is based on the series of books The Adventures of Tinin by Hergé.